Traditional Wing Chun Rules of Conduct




1.                 Sau Gay Loot                    Soong Syeung Moh Duck

Remain disciplined ----  Conduct yourself ethically as a martial artist.



2.                 Ming Lai Yee                      Ngoy Goke Juen Chun

Practice courtesy and righteousness ---- Serve the community and respect your elders.


3.                 Ngoy Toang Hock              Tuen Geet Loke Kwun

Love your fellow students ---- Be united and avoid conflicts.


4.                 Jeet Sick Yoke                   Boh Sau Jing Sun

Limit your desires and pursuit of bodily pleasures ----  Preserve the proper spirit.


5.                 Kun Leen Jop                   Gay But Lay Sun

Train diligently ---- Maintain your skills.


6.                 Hock Yeung Hay              Gai Lum Dau Jung

Learn to develop spiritual tranquility ---- Abstain from arguments and fights.


7.                 Syeung Chue Sai             Tai Doh Wun Mun

Participate in society ---- Be Conservative and gentle in your manners.


8.                 Foo Yeuk Siu                  Yee Moh Foo Yun

Help the weak and the very young ---- Use you martial skills for the good of humanity.


9.                 Gai Gwong Soy            Hoan Gay Joh Fun

Pass on the tradition ---- Preserve this Chinese art and its Rules of Conduct.




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